The QuickAlly Trestle Ladder Scaffold is one of the most innovative solutions on the market. It is quick to erect and provides a safe, highly secure work platform. It is also easily relocatable on-site with no need to fully dismantle it - handrail posts and outriggers need only be adjusted to the new location.

Safety in Action

Well engineered design basics provide a safe work environment. The system is quick and easy to assemble, with a minimum amount of components that easily fit together. The flexibility of the scaffold design allows parts like the handrail posts to be mounted on the trestle with one simple movement.

Quickally's trestle safety system

Plank Locks


Plank Locks are designed to sit flush with the connecting planks maximising strength & ensuring a safe, sturdy & stable 450mm platform.

Outrigger stabilization


Outriggers are necessary for higher working platforms, where the platform height is greater than 3 times the base width of the trestle.

Standard Features

Ready-made kits enable you to get the system as a complete bundle - just add trestles and planks in your chosen heights and lengths.

Handrail Kit Contents

A handrail kit will provide a safety system for a pair of trestles and planks.

Link-up Kit Contents

A link-up kit contains enough parts to link together two separate trestle safety systems, or a add a single extension to an existing system (excluding trestles and planks).

QuickAlly's trestle and plank scaffold system can be erected quickly and simply, and is ideal for painters and tradesmen. Contact QuickAlly for a quote or to request more information.

Detail Configurations

Multiple trestles may be linked together

Multiple trestle systems can be linked to create a continuous and uninterrupted work area.

Corner configuration of the trestle system

90° corner setups are also possible.