QuickAlly's range of Handy Stools and Step Ups are the perfect solution for safely extending your reach. QuickAlly's low level work platforms are all engineered, designed and manufactured in Australia, using Australian aluminium extrusions.

Handy Stools

The Handy Stool range caters for different heights, lengths and platform widths to accommodate a variety of workplace scenarios. Handy Stools are ideal for painters, plasterers, car detailing and working in confined spaces.

Spring loaded leg locks

This QuickAlly exclusive spring lock fixes the stool legs in position. The locking mechanism is quick and easy to use.

Carry Handles

Carry Handle

The handle in the standard width Handy Stool was incorporated due to feedback from our customers. The handle helps stop the stool from tilting when being moved along or away from a working area - preventing damage to finished work surfaces.

Step Ups

Step Ups are designed for use when only a small boost is needed. Step Ups are engineered and purpose built to be sturdy, easy to use, and to stack well for storage. Step Ups are certified for use commercially and are perfect for shops, warehouses, factories, hospitals, offices, at home or at school.

Adjustable heights

Adjustable heights

The adjustable height Step Up gives you extra an extra 18cm reach when needed. The height is adjusted with quick snap lock pins that adjust to 3cm increments.

Step Up Features

  • A 340mm square checker plate super grip platform .
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Slotted handle for handling convenience.
  • Lightweight, sturdy aluminium construction.
  • Cool touch finish that wont heat up as readily in the sun.
  • Custom designed Step Ups available upon request.
Step Up

Handy Stool Features


Available Sizes

Product Height Length Width SWL
Step Up 360mm 340mm 340mm 150kg
Adjustable Step Up 360-540mm 340mm 340mm 150kg
Handy Stool 400-600mm
1.2, 1.6, 2.0 & 2.4m 225mm 225kg
Wide Handy Stool 500-700mm 1.2 & 1.6m 450mm 225kg