Trestles and Planks offer an inexpensive and simple means of creating an elevated work platform, suitable for painters and other trades. They are available individually, or as part of QuickAlly's Trestle Safety System.

Prime Material Selection

The trestles are made from a unique extrusion shape, engineered to provide maximum strength with minimum deflection. It is used for all major parts of the trestle (styles and rungs) to maintain the highest standard of build quality.

Full length knurling

Full length knurling satisfies the grip requirements of Australian Scaffold Standards – Plank Standard AS 1577 - 1993. Rubber strips are inserted both sides of the plank for additional grip.

Plank Knurling Insitu Stay

Trestle Stays

The Trestle Stay is a close fitting brace that fortifies the stability of the trestle. It completes the trestle's “triangle” providing the strongest shape for support. It fits at various heights depending on the size of the trestle.

Standard Features

Available Trestle Sizes

Trestle Size Trestle Weight Width of Base Full Opening Width Handrail Kit
1.2m 13kg 750mm 800mm Yes*
1.8m 17kg 800mm 1000mm Yes*
2.4m 21kg 900mm 1160mm Yes
3.0m 25kg 960mm 1540mm Yes
3.6m 29kg 1030mm 1800mm Yes
4.3m 33kg 1100mm 2200mm Yes
4.8m 37kg 1160mm 2550mm Yes

* Requires custom stay & outrigger.

Please be aware, that at the time of writing, the Australian Standards do not permit trestle deck height to exceed 5m.

Compatible with G.James

All QuickAlly Trestles and Planks are compatible with existing G.James systems. Please talk to the QuickAlly team if you have any concerns or needs for further enquiries.