Safety in the workplace

Our primary focus is your safety and convenience when working at heights. Consequently, every element we manufacture is designed, engineered and certified to the highest of safety standards, and tested beyond its design limits.

Our wealth of practical experience on major and smaller sites allow us to develop unique engineered solutions for you to use safely in the field.

Safety engineered from the ground up

All elements of our scaffold equipment are reviewed at the design stage to promote the highest level of security in their use. Aluminium and polypropylene base materials, which have an inherent low weight but a high capacity to bear loads, and every component that makes up a scaffold system have the same common design requirement – uncompromised safety in use.

Many individual components use intelligent engineered design to maximise their effectiveness. This simple plank lock is a good example, utilising concealed leverage to provide stability, removing the possibility of creating a trip hazard.

Toe board clips are another example - brightly coloured for ease of identification, they snap into place for a quick set up. They are durable, hardy and simple to engage, providing a safe, sensible and practical solution for use on site.

Our standard features are engineered for safety

Any area that can be contacted by hands or feet has a grip-maximizing surface. Every element of a QuickAlly scaffold system has safety engineered in from the ground up.