PLEASE NOTE: Improper assembly or dismantling of scaffold may result in serious harm or injury. Any person erecting, using or dismantling scaffolding should be aware of the following guide lines, local and state OH&S laws, as well as site regulations prior to use.

Safety Precautions

General on-site precautions to ensure all people that use the scaffold are aware of.

Scaffolds over 4m

Any scaffold with a platform over 4m high must be erected and dismantled by a qualified scaffolder with a scaffolding ticket.

Load Capacity

Platform load should not exceed its rating. Be aware of the rating on your scaffold - light duty has a SWL of 225kg, medium duty has a SWL of 450kg.

Common sense means safety

Do not use boxes or ladders on the platform to gain additional height.

Free standing height

For any free standing tower with a base of less than 1.0m the platform height should not exceed two times the width dimension.

For any free standing tower with a base of greater than 1.0m the platform height cannot exceed three times the width dimension.

When considering height, take into account wind sources - scaffolding at risk of being wind loaded should consider extra support. Consult QuickAlly or an Engineer if there is doubt.

Note: Widths can be increased with outriggers.


Move towers from the base only. Ensure area is clear of personnel, equipment and debris prior to move.

Insecure ground

Do not use the castors or screw jacks over rough or uneven ground. Use a solid sole board on dirt, sandy or rough surfaces.

Be aware

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Locking the castors

Always keep castors locked unless the tower or scaffolding platform is being repositioned.

Secure working decks

Protect workplace below by using toeboards to stop debris falling.

Level your scaffold

Ensure the scaffold is level prior to usage.