QuickAlly has been providing the Rail Industry with access solutions since the early 2000s. Large rail companies require platforms that will suit many applications – over 64 different designs have been engineered for just one customer since 2010.

Our custom built platforms cover requirements such as tamper proofing, working in complex environments such as on air conditioning equipment, incorporating engines and electrical connections – all of which require specialist design.

Train-Access-2.jpg Train-Access-1.jpg Train-Access-4.jpg

The platform pictured goes over a pit at the front of a train. It is lifted with the pink lifting lugs into location, and rests on mounting pads. When located on the ground, it is still able to be manoeuvred on its own castors. The leading edge of the platform is profiled to fit around the front of the train.

A high rail at the back gives ample protection to people on the platform, and has a flag holder that can highlight the location of the platform for trains that are shunting close to it. The hand rails are adjustable so they can extend to the face of the train, providing surrounding protection. Step access is provided to the platform, and can have a chain linked to close off any gaps formed. Grip enhancing checker plate decking with high visibility step indicators ensures further safety for the workers using the platform.

Train-Access-3.jpg Train-Access-6.jpg

Rail platforms meet all relevant Australian Standards, and are manufactured to exacting quality requirements. QuickAlly’s personalised service, use of high quality extrusions with greater wall thicknesses and range of safety options and other features have cemented a long term relationship with the industry.