Glenn Marine Group are a marine logistics organisation who coordinate Naval and Marine arrivals and departures at waterways and around ports. They have high profile clientèle who expect excellent solutions provided professionally, quickly and with minimal fuss.

With the arrival of the USS George Washington in Brisbane recently, some interesting solutions needed to be arranged in very tight time frames to enable the massive ship to disembark its crew safely.

USS-Scaffold-13.jpg USS-Scaffold-1.jpg USS-Scaffold-2.jpg USS-Scaffold-12.jpg

USS George Washington is a very large aircraft carrier, much larger than most ships that come into the Port of Brisbane. QuickAlly Access Solutions were contacted to discuss landing options. The disembarkation opening from the ship was higher than other egress heights, and the area where an access solution could be provided was fixed. It was agreed that a custom built platform would be an expensive solution for this opportunity, and difficult to produce in such a short time frame – less than a week - so other options were investigated.

Some shipping containers and brow platforms (very large gang planks) were sourced as part of the access solution, and QuickAlly were on site the day before the arrival providing edge protection, scaffolding and public access stairs to suit the space required. The navy personnel were securely disembarked the following morning.

USS-Scaffold-9.jpg USS-Scaffold-3.jpg USS-Scaffold-5.jpg USS-Scaffold-6.jpg

Days later QuickAlly were called on again – the rough industrial finish of the brow platforms needed to be concealed as the expanded mesh was not conducive to walking with heels - the ship's Officers were hosting a formal dinner that evening. Secure footing was installed and carpeted to the satisfaction of the clients and their guests.

USS-Scaffold-14.jpg USS-Scaffold-11.jpg USS-Scaffold-10.jpg USS-Scaffold-4.jpg

All of these systems needed to be dismantled for the departure of the ship, and Glenn Marine Group and the Port of Brisbane were very satisfied with the work that QuickAlly accomplished in such a short time frame.

USS-Scaffold-8.jpg USS-Scaffold-7.jpg USS-Scaffold-15.jpg