Australia has a sizeable Aviation industry, with over 800 firms employing thousands of people. Not only does this sector service the nation's interests, it exports about 25% of its products. It is a thriving industry that requires a consistent, premium level of quality to stay competitive in the market.

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QuickAlly Access Solutions support this industry by providing work platforms that are utilised to work on and around various craft. These platforms need to be reliable, flexible, and durable, with the ability to suit highly specialised requirements.

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Requirements for the Aviation industry platforms include high end castors, protection against contact with craft and solid construction that can take higher SWL. Safety features are also enhanced with toe board to the work space, safety railings, and stair access and grip-enhanced decking.

Custom-Aerospace-Scaffold-12.jpg Custom-Aerospace-Scaffold-7.jpg Custom-Aerospace-Scaffold-11.jpg

The hatch below is an example of the specialised features that can be required in access platforms. It is cut-out to fit the unique shape of a specific craft, while providing a covered surface for use in other areas. The hatch is firmly held in place with lugs, and is easily fitted and removed.

Custom-Aerospace-Scaffold-5.jpg Custom-Aerospace-Scaffold-1.jpg Custom-Aerospace-Scaffold-11.jpg

Speak to the QuickAlly team about your specialist requirements, our experience is there for the asking.

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