Part NumberDescriptionWeight (kg)
SBSole Board0
SJStandard Screw Jack6
SWJSwivel Screw Jack6
200200mm Castor7.9
S05175mm Topper0.56
S050Standard 500mm1.1
S10Standard 1.0m2
S15Standard 1.5m3.6
S20Standard 2.0m4.8
S25Standard 2.5m5.8
S30Standard 3.0m6
S40Standard 4.0m8
LT03Ledger & Transom 0.3m2
LT05Ledger & Transom 0.5m2.5
LT07Ledger & Transom 0.7m2.8
LT13Ledger & Transom 1.3m3.4
L18Ledger 1.8m3.9
L24Ledger 2.4m4.7
L30Ledger 3.0m5.3
STF070.7m Bay5
STF131.3m Bay7
STF181.8m Bay9
STF242.4m Bay12
STF303.0m Bay15
SP070.7m Standard Platform7
SP121.2m Standard Platform12.8
SP181.8m Standard Platform18
SP242.4m Standard Platform23
SP303.0m Standard Platform28.5
AP121.2m Access Platform12
AP181.8m Access Platform17
AP242.4m Access Platform22.8
AP303.0m Access Platform28
SPN070.7m Std Narrow Platform5.7
SPN121.2m Std Narrow Platform10
SPN181.8m Std Narrow Platform15
SPN242.4m Std Narrow Platform18.8
SPN303.0m Std Narrow Platform24
SP07MESH0.7m Platform with Mesh12
SP12MESH1.2m Platform with Mesh17
SP18MESH1.8m Platform with Mesh22.8
SP24MESH2.4m Platform with Mesh24
SP30MESH3.0m Platform with Mesh28.5
AP12MESH1.2m Platform with Mesh22.8
AP18MESH1.8m Platform with Mesh24
AP24MESH2.4m Platform with Mesh28.5
AP30MESH3.0m Platform with Mesh31
SPN07MESH0.7m Narrow Platform with Mesh15
SPN12MESH1.2m Narrow Platform with Mesh18
SPN18MESH1.8m Narrow Platform with Mesh24
SPN24MESH2.4m Narrow Platform with Mesh28.5
SPN30MESH3.0m Narrow Platform with Mesh12
FB18Face Brace 1.8m Bay5
FB24Face Brace 2.4m Bay5.9
FB30Face Brace 3.0m Bay6
EB07End Brace 0.7m wide3.6
EB13End Brace 1.3m wide4.5
AL10Access Ladder 1.0m3
AL15Access Ladder 1.5m4
AL20Access Ladder 2.0m7
AL24Access Ladder 2.4m8
AL30Access Ladder 3.0m10
EL36Extension Ladder 3.6m14.5
EL48Extension Ladder 4.8m17
LBSOLedger Brace / Stand Off0
BRACE15-23RIG1.5 to 2.3m Adjustable Outrigger12
BRACE25-34RIG2.4 To 4.0m Adjustable Outrigger15
TBCToe Board Clip0.25
TB050.5m Toe Board1.9
TB070.7m Toe Board1.5
TB121.2m Toe Board2.7
TB181.8m Toe Board3.7
TB242.4m Toe Board5
TB303.0m Toe Board6.2
HUB020.2m Hop Up Bracket 225mm2
HUB040.4m Hop Up Bracket 450mm4
IHUBInternal Hop up Bracket4
HULT05Hop Up Ledger Transom .5m2.3
CHUB040.4m Corner Infill HUB0
HUBSEHop Up Bracket Stop End2
HUB070.7m Hop Up Board 225mm3.2
HUB121.2m Hop Up Board 225mm5.5
HUB181.8m Hop Up Board 225mm8.3
HUB242.4m Hop Up Board 225mm11
HUB303.0m Hop Up Board 225mm13.8
LB252.5m Ladder Beam0
LB323.2m Ladder Beam9.5
LB444.4m Ladder Beam14.5
LB505.0m Ladder Beam0
LB606.0m Ladder Beam0
SBB121.2m Bridging Beam7
SBB363.6m Bridging Beam20
90DC90 Degree Coupler1.2
SCSwivel Coupler1.3
BCBeam Clamp0
SWTWall Ties0
FAFrame Adaptor1.2
TUBE5050mm x 3mm Scaffold Tube\\Metre1.2
TUBE4848.41mm x 4.7mm Scaffold Tube\\Metre1.7
SR10Stair Riser 1.0m35
SR15Stair Riser 1.5m35
SR20Stretcher Stair Riser38
SHR10Stair Handrail 1m Rise4.5
SHR15Stair Handrail 1.5 Rise5.9
SHR20Stair Handrail 2m Rise9
THRTop Hand Rail5.9
EXP1Exit Post 1m3.6
EXP2Exit Post 2m0
LTESLedger/Transom Entry Stair 0.325m0
SESEntry Stair 500mm0
SESHRScaffold Entry Stair Handrail2
LPALLETLarge Pallet18.5
QEPBASEEdge Protect Steel Base3
EP1Edge Protect Post 500mm0
EP2Edge Protect Post 1m0
EP3Edge Protect Post 1.5m0
MG050.5m Mesh Guard1.9
MG070.7m Mesh Guard2.6
MG121.2m Mesh Guard4.7
MG181.8m Mesh Guard7
MG242.4m Mesh Guard10
MG303.0m Mesh Guard6.2
Q01Quicky Scaffold54
Q01AQuicky Scaffold with Aluminium Graspers56
QUICKBT18Quicky Base Truss 1.8m12
QEFQuicky End Frame9.8
TPTrailer Pack Complete Single Width x 2.4m0
TRTrailer Rack Single Width x 2.4m0
RACHETTDTrailer Tie Down Rachet Strap0.5
BSR10Boral Style 1.0m Stair riser35
BSR15Boral Style 1.5m Stair riser35
BSR20Boral Style 2.0m Stair riser38