QuickAlly scaffolding is the most durable and engineered system for builders who need a simple and efficient temporary structure for working at heights in complete safety. There are multiple combinations that allow you to build from 1 meter up to 25 meters in height, using the flexibility and proven superiority of the QuickAlly scaffold system.

The QuickAlly scaffold system is perfect for remedial work, plant work, or anywhere working at heights access is required in hard to reach areas that need the scaffold to be erected and dismantled continuously, and efficiently.

Product Design

There are three distinct ranges of product – the “Systems” scaffolds for major works, “Mobile” scaffolds where maximum safety and flexibility is required, and the “Quicky”, which is a stand-alone simple transportable system designed for the contractor who is always on the move. Because the major components of all three systems are common in terms of innovative design, engineered fabrication, test standards, and flexible connectivity, parts from one system can be used in any of the other systems, and meet all compliance requirements.

Material Quality

Materials are selected to provide the highest level of safety, quality and performance. Tube thickness of the standards and ledgers is 3mm and is made from structural grade aluminium – 6351 T5. This ensures maximum support and longevity of the product, without making it too heavy for ease of lifting and transportation. Every join is either mig or tig welded, depending on the requirements of the join.

Dedicated Assistance from Scaffold Professionals

Contact the QuickAlly team for help with any access problem, large or small, and any issue with working safely at heights.

Quality Aluminium Scaffolding vs Steel Scaffolding

Aluminium vs. Steel

Aluminium lasts longer, is lighter weight and quicker to erect, looks better over time, will not corrode, and is cheaper to transport. For example, a small system requires a utility, not a truck. The saving made by purchasing aluminium over steel can be recouped in a very short period of time.

Simple features for safety and speed

Practical and easy to use features make this system stand out. This includes:

Polymer decking

Polymer decking is light weight, exceedingly strong – it has been tested in a NATA approved facility to Australian and New Zealand standards


Star Cluster

QuickAlly’s Star Cluster is a structural aluminium extrusion that fully encompasses the circumference of the standard, making it safer and stronger.

Systems Scaffold