QuickAlly mobile scaffolding is the most durable and engineered system for builders who need a simple and efficient temporary structure for working at heights in complete safety. There are multiple combinations that allow you to build up to 7.2 meters in height, using the flexibility and proven superiority of the QuickAlly scaffold system.

Material Quality

Materials are selected to provide the highest level of safety, quality and performance. Quickally uses structural grade aluminium to ensure strength and longevity of the product, without making it too heavy for ease of lifting and transportation. Every join is either mig or tig welded, depending on the requirements of the join.


Mobile scaffolds provide maximum safety and flexibility where it is required, and the “Quicky”, which is a stand-alone simple transportable system is designed for the contractor who is always on the move. Because the major components of all three systems are common in terms of innovative design, engineered fabrication, test standards, and flexible connectivity, parts from one system can be used in any of the other systems, and meet all compliance requirements.

Medium Duty rating

QuickAlly’s Mobile scaffold is rated to a SWL of 450kg - enough for 2 or 3 people, tools, and the materials required for the job. The system has been designed in accordance with Australian Standards, and tested by an external NATA certified testing company. All components either met or exceeded the required standard.

Walk Through Mobile Scaffolding

QuickAlly have walk through frames so you can achieve a larger unobstructed work area. Walk through frames are available in 1.2m, 1.8m, and 2.4m widths, or can be made to custom suit your requirements.

Robust Graspers

Attaching braces and horizontals is made quick and easy with these cast Aluminium colour-coded graspers. They attach solidly with a push, are assembled in seconds, and can be released with a quick flick after retracting the spring-loaded stainless steel locking-pin. Graspers are coloured with a durable powdercoat.

Toe Board Clip System

QuickAlly has devised a simple and very quick system for installing toe boards.

Toe board clips

A firm nudge snaps the toe board clip onto the vertical members, then it’s simply a matter of sliding the toe boards in between the slots. There are two colours available – bright red and black.


Standoffs serve a dual role - holding the ladder steady and at an optimal incline, and they may be used as a ledger brace. In this function, standoffs transfer load & strengthen the two ledgers that they span between.


Standoffs are a great example of the durable, proven, and engineered design of every QuickAlly component.

QuickAlly Mobile Scaffolding – Engineered from the ground up

G.James Mobile Scaffold

The G.James Mobile Scaffold System is no longer sold "off the shelf", but all components are still available for existing customers. Please contact the QuickAlly team for assistance with your requirements.

Mobile Scaffold