QuickAlly Step Platforms provide an ideal and safe workspace when working at heights. Step platforms provide a small-elevated podium that is easy to manoeuvre and is designed with safety and strength in mind.

Product Benefits

Engineered, designed and fabricated in house, QuickAlly’s Step Platforms are manufactured to the highest standards. Materials are selected to provide the highest level of safety, quality and performance. Every Step Platform is made from structural grade aluminium – 6351 T5. This ensures maximum support and longevity of the product, without making it too heavy for ease of lifting and transportation. Every join is either mig or tig welded, depending on the requirements of the join.


You can customise design features to suit the purpose of your tasks, changing height, width or reach, and take them bolted and flat packed or welded as a ready-made construction. Walk through capabilities giving access to the front or side of the platform can also be added, and castors with brake locks can be used to alter the standard model to specifically suit your requirements.

Outriggers give greater stability.


Outriggers provide extra stability to the step platform’s rigid frame, making for a solid workspace. They are conveniently stored in the legs of the platform so they don’t interfere with storage or working in tight spaces.

The Workplace Health & Safety requirement that three points of contact need to be made at all times by a person working at heights, means that working on platforms with the correct safety features is imperative. Railings and enclosed workspaces are important requirements to ensure the safety and security of you and your workforce.

A generous sized working platform

Generous Work Platform

Workspace in temporary access situations can be tight. QuickAlly’s step platforms provide wider access up the steps and the platform area is a generous 600x800mm.

Step Platform Step Platform

Standard Features