The QuickAlly slab edge protection system provides a fully encapsulated fall prevention solution with engineered features to ensure it works easily and securely. It is suitable for building sites, work spaces, or anywhere an edge needs a quick, temporary barrier.

Fast fix, safely

The QuickAlly edge protection system is very quick to install. Once the foot is secured, the ledgers, toe boards and mesh can be assembled in minutes.

Fasteners should be installed to specification. Recommended fixings into 32MPa Concrete - Use Hilti brand M12 HSL-3 Heavy duty anchors, Ramset Spatec M12 Anchors or equivalent. For installation into other materials, please consult your project or on site engineer.


This engineered component allows the edge protection to adapt to the QuickAlly Scaffolding Systems range.

Edge Protection is Versatile

Bay widths can vary with the different ledger lengths from 0.5m to 2.4m. Corners do not require any special adaptation. The height of the edge protection can vary to accommodate different requirements and changes of level easily. The edge protection parts are interchangeable with systems products, only requiring an EP1 adaptor to match them up.