QuickAlly - Height of Safety

QuickAlly Access Solutions is a branch of the G.James family. QuickAlly manufactures and provides solutions for access with a wide variety of scaffolding equipment and unique platform design. Engineered and manufactured to the highest of industry standards, every component offers maximum flexibility in use, durability, and safety. QuickAlly products available through the nationwide G.James network. QuickAlly is also about skilled people, and here are just a few that will make a difference for you.

Our History

QuickAlly Aluminium Scaffolds

The QuickAlly scaffolding system was developed more than a decade ago by experienced Gold Coast scaffolder David Dart. Having been in the scaffolding business for around 30 years, David's frustration at being unable to find a simple, high quality aluminium scaffolding system led him to develop, manufacture & start selling his own components. The benefits of the system were obvious to others in the industry, leading to quick adoption by a number of other scaffolding businesses.

The G.James role in QuickAlly

G.James developed a simple mobile scaffolding system to use primarily for in house jobs in 1991, and a Trestle Safety System in 1998. Custom products were also being made from this time.

Due to requests in the market for a scaffolding product with more flexibility, durability, and engineered safety, G.James looked at ways it could expand its range. QuickAlly impressed G.James with their smart design principles and wide product selection that logically fit into the existing G.James range. The acquisition was completed in May 2010.

QuickAlly's original headquarters were on the Gold Coast. However with the acquisition by G.James, the businesses were merged under one roof in Brisbane. The move took place in April 2011 to a location alongside G.James' existing manufacturing facilities in Kingsford Smith Drive. The business name was then changed to QuickAlly Access Solutions.